How to Make Huge Profits by Capturing Short Term Moves in the Stock Market!

If you trade stocks, this will be the most important message you will ever read...

From the desk of: Anthony Manly

Owner of: Global Trading Edge

Dear Friend,

I have been creating a stock trading system ( for the last seven years. In this system I give a trading strategy that teaches you the basics of wing trading, a strategy for trading stocks profitably and advanced tactics to give you the edge.

So far, using the trading strategy I have traded about 7 different stocks time and time again... and... every single one of them has returned a profit after pulling back days after making a dramatic jump in price. The smallest profit from the time I perfected the swing trading strategy was 14% on my investment.

The very best trade I ever made was a stock that increased in value by 52%!

Here, just for the record, are all of my 7 stock trades and what happened to the price of those stocks after they became one of my selections:

Name of Company Ticker Symbol Price Movement
Apple Inc. AAPL up 52%!
Commonwealth Bank CBA up 20%!
Nasdaq Inc. NDAQ up 39%!
BHP Billiton ENDO up 29%!
RIO Tinto RIO up 43%!
Woodside Petroleum WPL up 14%!
Qantas QAN up 21%!

However, recent visitors to my website have been disappointed. Why? Simply because it's been quite some time since I've re-opened the doors to the stock trading workshop.

Is it because I lost interest in the Stock Market?


Is it because I wanted to keep everything to myself and not share my secrets?


Is it because I have decided to retire and spend all my surfing and relaxing with my family?

No, not that either. The real reason is...

I Have Been Too Busy Trading Stocks To Take Time Out To Show Others How to Trade Them!

Listen: I have discovered and perfected a stock-trading system that lets me make from 4 to 7 trades every week. My trading system is almost automatic. It works like a Swiss watch. It is, I believe, the most unusual... and... the most profitable trading system ever developed in human history!

It Is Based On Making Decisions On the Laws of Supply and Demand Nothing else...

Here are two things that you’re interested in...

  1. Is there money flowing into this stock or is there money flowing out of this stock?
  2. How can I get into this stock with the least possible risk to my trading capital?

That's it!

Let's put your imagination to work. I want you to imagine you and I walk into a huge room where there are about 10,000 other people. There's a guy on stage who says he has some very important, late-breaking news about a publicly-traded company.

He says he has printed 10,000 copies of a news release which explains this new development. He has all 10,000 people in that room form a single line. Then, he starts walking down the line passing out copies of the news release. Now, let's say I've got some "pull" and I arrange for you to be right at the front of that long line. You are the very first person... to get that release!

You look at the release and the headline says something like this:

FDA Grants Approval For Celeron To Market New Anti-Cancer Drug!

Wow! That sounds like good news for Celeron, doesn't it? You read the first couple of paragraphs and discover the ticker symbol of Celeron is CLER.

You pull your cell phone out of your pocket, call your stock broker and tell him to immediately buy 1,000 shares of CLER. While you are doing this, other things are happening in that room. The guy with the news releases is still passing them out... and... the people who get that press release are reacting in different ways:

  • Some of the people are reacting very promptly to the news in that release just like you did.
  • Some people are calling their stock broker and asking his opinion (what a joke that is!) of the company written about in the news release.
  • Some people crumple up the news release and throw it away.
  • Some people fire up their laptop computers and go online and start researching the company.
  • Some of the people in that line are reporters and go off to write a story (based on the facts in that news release) which will appear on the TV evening news... or... tomorrow's newspaper.
  • Some of the people have to go to another appointment... so... they put the release in their briefcase and take it with them so they can read it later that evening.

However, no matter what, the news contained in that release will begin to affect the price of the stock...

In Minutes!

OK, let's say 30 minutes have gone by. You check what's happening to the price of that stock... and... it's going up like a rocket!

What do you do? It's simple: You keep riding that stock up and sell out your position about 1 to 5 days later.

What happens next? The answer is simple: I take you across the hall to another big room that is jam-packed with another 10,000 people. There's another guy getting ready to pass a news release about another publicly-traded company.

Once again, everybody must line up single file in a very long line.

Once again, I use my "pull" and I take you to the very front of the line.

Once again, you read the release, immediately buy shares in the company written up in the release. And, once again, you sell and cash in... in less than an hour!

Over and over and over.

Up to 7 Times Per Week

But wait! What if, when you check the price of the stock 1 day after you bought it... the stock is trending down?

What do you do? Simple: You sell out your position immediately... and... you keep your loss down to a microscopic level.

There's one more thing that could happen. Let's say your stock keeps trading at more or less the same price it was when you bought it... and then... it goes up like a rocket!

Is this a win for you? No. Not with my system. With my system...

You don’t follow the crowd And You Certainly Don’t Watch the Stock Price Change Every 5 Minutes...You Wait!

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Yes, it is... know all the details.

First, you have to know how to identify stock chart patterns. If you have tried this before and failed...I feel sorry for you! You see... you aren't trading breakouts...

You Are Waiting for the entry signals!

The first thing you have to know is when to get in... and... 99.9% of all stock market buyers (and brokers)... don't have a clue!

Next, you have to know how to tell... if... the signals you are reading will make the trade profitable or not.

So, should you hire me to teach you this?

You see, almost everyone I teach this system makes money. That's because my system just plain works! But, it's more than that. I am very selective about the people I teach. I turn down way more people than I accept. That's because most people are "wired to lose." They trade with "scared money." They take way too long to make a decision. They can't focus. Here are three things you must have... if... you want to make huge profits by using my system:

  1. MONEY: I charge $149 per month to teach this system. Over and above that, you need at least $5,000 (or more) to begin trading with.

    Not only that, I don't want to train you if you have to "scrape" the money together. If you've got to max out your credit cards, borrow the money from your brother-in-law or anything like that, you will be trading with "scared money" and...

    Scared Money Can't Win!

  2. TIME: You've got to have at least 90 minutes every day you can use to focus exclusively to reading stock charts and making trades... and...
  3. THE ABILITY TO MAKE A FAST DECISION: Want to read the companies' balance sheets? Want to see one of their glossy brochures? Want to call a friend or a broker and ask what they think about the stock you just read about?

    You're Out!

    With my system, you've got to be focused and fearless.

Well, that's about it. If you've got the right stuff, I can teach you something that will give you financial freedom for the rest of your life. You won't need any employees. (One of my companies had 15 of them and it made me crazy.) Actually, you won't need an office, a partner, a factory, a product, or anything else that makes your life heavy. You can use this system and make thousands of dollars from any location on earth. Add it all up and it spells...

F R E E D O M !

Now, let's discuss something very important: How can you determine if I am absolutely right about all this or not? Could it be I have made some kind of mistake when I try and convince you I have honestly figured out how to beat the stock market?

I've thought about this a lot and, here is what I've decided to do: As soon as I receive your first monthly payment, I will immediately contact you and give you access to learn my system. I'll have you up and running and making profitable trades within the first month.

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can simply stop your monthly payment or, call me... and... I will be happy to send back 100% of your payment. This way...

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!


Anthony Manly


Here's how it works:

After your order is received the following will occur:

  • Dedicated Project Manager will reach out via email and provide you a link to a from so that you can provide a detailed description of the issue, your wordpress admin and CPanel details.
  • The Project Manager and the Wordpress Support team discuss the fix or the issue and identify the solution and time to implement the solution
  • You receive feedback from the Project Manager that includes a high level understanding of the fix to be completed
  • You agree to the fix to be completed
  • Wordpress Support Team complete the fix
  • Project Manager lets you know that the fix is complete

If you’re thinking “$199.00 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

  1. $199.00 puts this service within the reach of everyone…from solo entrepreneurs to startups and even Fortune 500. (And at $199, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.)
  2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious marketers who take action, and in our experience charging anything…even if it’s just $1…gets rid of 99% of the chuckle-heads.
  3. We tested it, and $199.00 converted the best. (Hey, we’re all marketers here so why not tell it like it is?)

We also believe that once you experience this 2 hour Support service, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and possible even upgrade your website to a Self Managed Business Pre-designed or Custom Designed website.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the service you need and the results you want.

Yep…all Support services have a 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!


Your 30 minute fix is logged immediately and you will receive an email response within two hours with next steps.

Note: The Support team are quick and forthcoming to help you and if for any reason your issue requires more than 30 minutes to review and fix we will be honest about it and let you know the estimate of time to complete the task.

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