"How to Rent The Stocks You Own for Monthly Profit Regardless if the Stock Market is Up or Down"

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Here’s just some of what you’ll discover so that you can generate an income stream over and above stock dividends

Generate returns when the price of a share is static. It involves selling call options which means that you will be taking on an obligation to sell shares that you own at a predetermined price in the future.
Learn the strategy for neutral to slightly bullish markets
Risk-reducing strategy. If the share price falls, the value of the shareholding will fall, however the premium income received can partly offset the fall
Selecting the stocks and the price level you are happy to sell your shares at

And much more...

So, don’t put your trading at stake. The “Strategy for Renting Out Your Shares” in this PDF will make you money in the stock market, regardless, of whether the market is UP or DOWN.

You can use this information to generate returns on shares that you own when the price is static.